Good Vibrations

  Good vibrations.  It’s not just a popular Beach Boys song.  Every person, place, plant, object and animal on this earth vibrates. What’s your frequency? (Is anyone else hearing that REM song in their mind right now?)  But seriously, we all vibrate at different rates due to this Universal Law of vibration and frequency. DISCLAIMER: I am not a scientist, or … Read More

5 Times When It Is OK To Quit

5 times when it is ok to quit We were taught to clean our plates, we were taught to be polite and kind, and we were taught to never quit. When I was a child, and heck, as I have been raising my own children, the mantra was that quitters never succeed.  Quitting is weak, when you commit, you stay the course, … Read More

Sound Healing

Sound healing. What does it mean? How does it work? Why do we need it? Sound healing is used all over the world, by many people, to do things like worship or alter your state of consciousness. Sounds is made up of vibrations, as are people, and any other organic being on this planet.  Have you ever noticed that being … Read More

Joy and Relief

Let me start out by saying, I may make a complete fool of myself in this post.  I’m no health practitioner, nor do I pretend to be.  I have issues, and I strive to heal them in Holistic ways, which is how I became interested in essential oils to begin with.  I want to share an experience with you just … Read More

Feed Your Knead – The Relaunch!

You may remember Stacie Merriman from earlier this year…She was kind enough to share a guest post with us with a recipe for Spicy Roasted Pepitas She is doing something that I just admire so much. I think this is so cool.  She has relaunched  her blog “Feed Your Knead” with a new tagline:  Finding Balance in the Kitchen. The reason … Read More

Teens and essential oils

I’m teaching my teens to use essential oils. My daughter is 14.  In some ways she’s a very typical teenage girl, but in others she is wise beyond her years. She likes her music loud, her earbuds have become part of her anatomy, she loves candy and boy bands and still wears hair bows over her pony tails. I don’t often … Read More

Spicy Roasted Pepitas

Two paragraphs into this post you can see why I’m so happy to have Stacie Merriman of “Feed Your Knead” guest posting for TWW. Her recipes are creative and beautiful, whether they are “responsibly healthy” or not.  Here she shares a clean, quick and easy recipe for Spicy Roasted Pepitas. Spicy Roasted Pepitas The first month of 2016 is in … Read More

Hobbies for HealthZen

Hobbies for Health Recently I have taken a step back from business in order to do something FUN. Yep, I said fun.  It’s not taking care of anyone, it’s not making money, it’s just something fun, that makes me smile, makes me feel accomplished and like I can contribute something beautiful to the world. Over the years I have had … Read More

Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

3 Popular Tooth Whitening Methods That Won’t Poison You My 14 year old daughter recently had her braces removed and the subject of white teeth has become pretty popular in our house. Do you drink a lot of coffee? Tea? How about blueberries? Have you taken a lot of antibiotics?  If so, your pearly whites may be suffering.  Here are three … Read More

Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins

I couldn’t resist diving into my first pumpkin recipe of the fall season!  This recipe was adapted from  She has lots of drool worthy recipes on her site so be sure to stop by and take a peek!  You’ll be glad you did. So…drum roll please…. If you’re looking for something sweet, dense, satisfying and full of fall flavors, … Read More

Get Your Fire Back!

We’ve all been guilty of allowing work and family to consume our lives to the point that burning issues take a back seat to life.  Inevitably it doesn’t end well and you reach a breaking point, a point of no return.  It’s not too late to address those burning issues, it’s time to get real and face them head on! … Read More

Got a Mind-Full?

Got a Mind-Full? Are you a good multi-tasker? I’ve had that question asked of me on countless occasions over the years and for so long I was oh-so proud to answer with a resounding Yes! And yet… It’s been found that multi-tasking isn’t really about doing many things at the same time. It’s about task switching really, really quickly. And … Read More

My Top 3 Essential Oils for Emotional Support

This blog is for women. Women are complicated creatures. Women have a lot on their plates,and require a little extra support here and there. We work, we are mothers, wives, business owners, caregivers, movers and shakers. As with addiction, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.  Most of us could use a little extra support … Read More

Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine

Essential Oils  into my daily routine When I first got started with essential oils and a cleaner lifestyle and diet,  I was a little,OK… COMPLETELY overwhelmed.  There’s just so many STEPS to everything.  Add to that the treatment I am undergoing for Chronic Lyme Disease, and the list of pills, potions, and tasks just got longer and more daunting. After some … Read More

5 Baby Steps Toward Clean Eating

What is clean eating anyway? Why all the hype? Quite simply, clean eating is the method of choosing foods that are minimally processed and unrefined, foods that are whole and as close to their all natural state as possible. If you are like me and try to be realistic to a fault, or even if you’re just a wee bit realistic … Read More